Micro Ring Hair Extensions

When it comes to attachment techniques, we believe that micro ring hair extensions offer the very best approach.

What Are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions is a technique that’s free of glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braids – resulting in no damage to your own hair. The method combines strands of your natural hair with the handmade extension hair, which is then sealed and locked into place using tiny, undetectable rings. To remove the hair extension, we simply loosen the lock and it slides out.

The standard micro rings available on the market can sometimes be too large and not always suitable for clients with fine or short hair. The end result is that they can be very visible and bulky, and have a tendency to slide out too easily.

Recognising this, at Arabella Rose we have manufactured and designed our own rings, in different sizes and colours, making this method suitable for every client. Our clients love our micro rings due to their comfort, unnoticeable feel and tiny size.

Visit our gallery to see our micro ring hair extensions in action, with examples of the beautiful hair we’ve created.

Why Use Micro Ring Hair Extensions?


Many agree that due to their small size, minimal weight and strand-by-strand method, micro rings don’t pull or put strain on the scalp. This makes them much more pleasant to wear. They feel extremely natural and just like your own hair. They can also be washed thoroughly and easily styled.

No Heat, Chemicals, Glue or Sewing

The biggest concern that customers rightly have about hair extensions is the potential damage that may be caused to their own hair as a result of the hair extensions. Many clients who come to Arabella Rose have either heard about bad hair extensions or experienced them for themselves. We’re happy to say that our micro ring technique doesn’t use glue, heat or sewing, and is therefore very kind to your hair. With proper application and aftercare, our technique is completely safe and damage-free.


Given that the rings used are so small and securely attached close to the scalp, our micro ring extensions are virtually undetectable and look much more natural than other techniques. This may be one of the reasons for their enormous popularity amongst celebrities and notable figures in the showbusiness industry.

Long-Lasting & Reusable

Unlike other methods, micro ring hair extensions simply slide out once the locks have been loosened. The high quality Slavic  hair extensions can be reused time and time again, as we simply re-tip the hair and reposition. This means you get real value for money because you don’t have to buy new hair extensions every three months or so, as you would with other methods.