Our Specialist Boutique Salon offers a range of custom made hair extensions, all made of 100% natural high quality human hair.

Slavic Hair

Our selection is sourced from only the finest Human hair. It’s then coloured gradually and carefully to achieve a wide range of shades, whilst still maintaining its superior quality.

Length Half Head 3/4 Head Full Head
16 inch £485 £565 £695
18 inch £525 £625 £725
20 inch £565 £685 £795
22 inch £615 £765 £845
24 inch £695 £795 £895
26 inch £745 £825 £925
Maintenance £185 £255 £285
Removal: £95 per hour
  • Prices include bespoke handmade hair extensions, cut and style, plus a follow-up appointment four to six weeks later.
  • Prices stated are for a standard head of hair extensions. For clients with very thick/short hair, more hair extensions will be required.
  • Longer hair is available upon request.
  • We also offer Virgin slavic hair – premium hair that’s been collected in its purest, rawest form and is never coloured or chemically processed in any way. Contact us for full details and prices.
  • A 50% deposit is required when you make your booking. We require 78 hours notice to cancel or change the appointment to avoid cancellation charges.


Maintenance involves removing all the extensions, combing out any hair that has shredded over the period, and retipping all the extensions. The hair extensions are than reapplied using new rings whilst making sure that the sections taken are being rotated.